"No other event or technological innovation within our store has garnered as much positive attention by our students as this app!"
- Jim Forbes, University of Victoria
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Typing ISBNs is LAME - Scan them instead!

It's the buzz of the industry!

Why type an ISBN when you can scan it with the camera on your smartphone?!

Way Cool!

The Sell Books mobile app allows your customers to scan their books with a compatible Apple IPhone or Android-based smartphone to get an instant buyback price. Customers can also type in ISBNs for books which don't have barcodes. This app simplies the buyback process for customers. It gives them the opportunity to rapidly check the value of their prices from anywhere, and saves your staff time spent checking book prices.

We provide a front-to-back solution. Purchasing the Sell Books App for your bookstore means that:

  1. We apply your own custom "skin" to the app to maintain a consistent look and feel with your existing brand
  2. We thoroughly test the app to ensure that it functions properly
  3. We configure your preferred buyback list including any of the three major wholesalers
  4. We maintain the wholesale database and update them when instructed by the wholesalers
  5. We manage the process of submiting your app to the Apple AppStore and Android Market
  6. We regularly review customer reviews and comments to ensure users are having a positive experience
  7. We provide bug fixes to correct any issues that may arise

The bottom line is that the Sell Books App is a worry-free turnkey solution!

Customization and "Skinning" Your App

You will have the opportunity to design a custom interface that is "skinned" consistently with your existing bookstore branding. You can provide the graphics, or have us prepare them for you!

Areas that you can customize

Managed Submission to Apple AppStore and Android Market

Submitting your application to the Apple AppStore and Android Market can be challenging. We provide a completely managed solution to submit your application to both the AppStore and Android Market. We have experience with the process and can ensure that the App conforms to all the detailed submission requirements.

Apple AppStore

Android Market

Used Book Prices

We already have the used book price databases from the three major used book wholesalers. We can hook your app up to one or more of those! Also, you can send us your want list, and we'll load it into our server. The prices are hosted online and can be updated independent of the App. Your customers only need to install the app once, and the prices are changed on our servers!

Who's Already Got It?

Our Sell Books App is already being used by numerous bookstores across North America. Check out some of our customers here!

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